Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Olivia June - 4 Months

4 months old on December 30th, 2015
weeks 13-17

Weight and Height: we went to the doc January 4 ( you were actually 18 weeks old ) for four month old shots
weight 16.8 pounds (93rd percentile)
height 26 inches (95th percentile)

Nicknames : new ones: liva, skilly, skilly vanilly, chunky monkey, chunk
 Livi, Liv, Olive, Livy J, zarbles, zarbee, the littlest, my little, gummybear, nana's sweet peapod, my sweets, olive Jeanette, my little bear, sweet bear, gummy, sweet baby, sweet girl, little J, baby girl 

Eating: breastmilk exclusively via bottle. currently taking 6 ounces each feeding.  you usually eat every 3-3.5 hours starting at 7/730a. the good news is that you cut out you nighttime bottle around 13 weeks and pretty regularly by 14 weeks.
momma is still exclusively pumping now 5 times a day with no changes in supply. still producing over 60 ounces a day....most days close to 70. we have something crazy like 2000 ounces frozen for you baby girl.

Clothing:  you wore 3-6 month oneseis and pajamas most of the month, but the last week or two you were wearing some 6-9 month stuff. especially your footed one piece pajamas that we still spend most of our days in. you can still wear some 6 month stuff in some brands, but really starting to get into all 6-9 month clothes.
Diapers: you are now in size three diapers! you have little rolls on your legs for day. we love that you are such a little chunky monkey monster

Sleep: so so so so so happy to report that you are sleeping through the night regularly and have been since 13ish weeks old. you require some soothing (shhhshing, paci, and patting your little tummy) but we are not having to get up and you aren't fully waking up.
we start bedtime routine (bath, book, bottle) around 630 and you are usually down between 7 and 730.
you still sleep in your dockatot right next to mommy in the bed (mommy sleeps between you and daddy) and it has worked so well for us. mommy doesn't sleep as much as you do as you usually wake me up with every little movement....but no complaints here. daddy and I love that we don't have to get out of bed.
 you sleep in a halo sleep sack now that you love to self soothe with your fingers...or sometimes we use a blanket from the waist down and tuck the sides in around your dockatot.

Health : you still have your teething signs on most days.....but not everyday (lots of drool, sucking on your fingers, and a little more cranky at times). Momma can still see two little white spots under your gums on the bottom row. You haven't been as irritable this last month and we haven't been giving you hardly any Tylenol.

Baby Gear Must Haves: DOCKATOT!!! omg it has been a lifesaver for us. i swore I would never co-sleep, but its been so great for us. mommy and daddy still get plenty of alone time as you to bed around seven pm and are sleeping through the night. 
other must haves: your Mamaroo, your singing elmo that nana got you, we put the swing away since the last month update, baby Einstein toys, Dr. Browns bottles, MAM pacifiers, boppy, your giraffe (Gerry), your singing Cora Bear, Aiden and Anais swaddle blankets, anything with a mirror,your bath seat in the big girl tub.
you also love your musical light up books you got for Christmas, books in general,
 fisher price play mat, anything with lights and music, Fischer price bouncy seat, rattles, links that dangle from your seats or mobile. you love grabbing for things. you also have been loving your bumbo this month too.

Likes: what we call "working on your skills" - you love laying on your play mat over being cuddled most of the time so you can practice rolling over and reaching for all your fun toys.
you continue to LOVE your hands, but you are really way more into your feet these days.
you still love your car seat and bath time of course.
and morning time is still your favorite time. mommy looks forward to it so much.

Dislikes:you aren't the biggest fan of naps these days....you fight them so hard and the 45 min intruder started showing its face this month. momma missed your two hour naps, but would take you sleeping through the night over that any day. you also hate teething and it makes you so fussy.
you also hate for your bottle to be warmed.

Mommy: mommy has been back at work since thanksgiving and is adjusting well to working two days a week. It has been a great schedule for mommy. Mommy is still 8-10 pounds from pre preggo weight, but that's ok because she to pumping she eats like a 500 pound man. 

Daddy: daddy is obsessed with you. You make him so happy. This month has been hard as every new trick or milestone you meet...he is always so sad that your Mamaw isn't here to see it. Daddy's favorite part of the day is coming home from work to see you. He melts at the first sight of you. 

Pups: uggie definitely loves you and is still the most interested in you. she loves licking your fingers and toes and wants to wherever you are. bailey is warming up to you and becoming more interested. you really light up around bailey, I think because you can see him so well with the contrast of him being white.

Social/Visitors: lots of visits with nana and poppy and uncle Charlie. you are starting to notice strangers and get a little scared if mommy isn't around. you still got to Miss Erikka's (our sitter) twice a week and seem to love being around the other older kiddos.
you smile all the time.....all the time and its our most favorite.

1st Christmas
cooing, blowing raspberries and being more verbal in general. your morning coos are the best. you usually wake mommy up with your sweet morning cues.
1st roadtrip (4 hours each way) and you were a dream...total champ. mommy and daddy were so proud of you
rolling over, finding your toes, raising your head so high on your belly, mini pushups during tummy time, recognizing mommy, daddy, nana and poppy, a little less comfortable with strangers, reaching for dangling objects and toys on play mat, holding small items in your hand, smiling alllll the time.

Dear sweet Olivia June, 
Thank you for being my daughter and for making me your mommy. You have made my heart swell ten times bigger this month. Every new month, I catch myself saying that "this one is my favorite", but the truth is every day is my favorite with you. You have truly put so many smiles on our faces this holiday season. You add a whole new meaning to every aspect of life. Thank you for making mommy and daddy smile this Christmas as we surely missed your sweet Mamaw. She would have loved watching you grow, change and interact with us so, so much. 
I am so excited about watching you grow and being a part of your life as i have already so many adventures planned for us. You are the light to any sort of darkness in our lives right now. You are so perfect to us and we praise God every day for such a beautiful, healthy and happy baby girl. I never knew a love like this existed and you continue to teach me everyday more about myself and what is truly important in this world. I love you so much baby girl. you have brought so much into my life. 


Amy Willingham said...

what an angel face! happy 4 months Olivia!!

Tab said...

Are you EVER updating this blog again lol?

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